Mylène Benoit
Mylene Benoit is a french visual artist and choreographer, trained at the University of Westminster in London and at the University of Paris 8 then at Fresnoy, National Studio of Contemporary Arts of Tourcoing. She considers choreography as a choral writing, which is not limited to dance, but extends to the artistic performance as a whole, without distinguishing body, sound material, light vibration, or text. In her performances – EFFETS PERSONNELS (2004), EFFET PAPILLON (2007), LA CHAIR DU MONDE (2009), ICI (2010), WONDER (2012), LE RENARD NE S’APPRIVOISE PAS (2012), COLD SONG (2013), NOTRE DANSE (2014), L’AVEUGLEMENT (2016)  – she works on dance as a visual artist.

She has been associated to Le Vivat (Armentieres) and to La Gaîté Lyrique (Paris). She is associated to Le Phare – Centre Chorégraphique National du Havre Normandie, to Le Théâtre des 13 Vents CDN de Montpellier, in residence at l’Echangeur / CDC Hauts-de- France (2016/2018) and artist of l’Ensemble Associé du Théâtre des 13 vents CDN Montpellier. She is in residence at Villa Kujoyama (Kyoto) in 2017.
Contour Progressif is supported by Drac Nord-Pas de Calais and Conseil Régional des Hauts de-France in the activity program.

Magda Kachouche / Artistic associate
Magda Kachouche focuses on a multidisplinary artistic research, between performing and contemporary art. She is artistic collaborator of the French choreographer Mylène Benoit, she works especially with her on Notre danse, L’Aveuglement and La Maladresse. She works with her on the conception of the « Mouvement de la pensée », in situ projects and installations. She’s in charge of the mediation sector and participatives creations of the danse company. She is plastic artist and works in the duo MKNM with Noémie Monier since 2015. They are resident in the space of artistic production DOC in Paris. She develops a work of creation light for various companies, and also collaborates as outside look. Trained in the dance (contemporary and classic) and graduate of a Master of contemporary literature in 2007, she begins as journalist in the magazine Movement between 2007 and 2009. She leads then a career of press attaché within the agency MYRA (from 2010 till 2014), specialized in the contemporary creation (live performance, music, contemporary art). She sharpens her artistic look there by accompanying artists from whom she defends the work, just like Mylène Benoit whom she meets in 2010.


Mylène Benoit
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Magda Kachouche
Artistic collaborator
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Emilie Drapeau
Administration, production
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Camille Martin-Sermolini
Diffusion, production, communication
Secrétaire d’artiste of Mylène Benoit
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