This performance for three dancers draws on the conventions of video games to examine how the body is represented in the world of virtual reality. Using form and movement made more from pixels than from flesh ; Effet Papillon (Butterfly Effect) puts this image of the body to the test. It is an idealised image, mediatised and fabricated, evolving without risk or responsibility in a universe which has become completely reliable, even when it is at its most dangerous.
The performers are equipped with sensors so that their steps, jumps and fights are converted into sound : by dancing, the dancers generate sound effects and the flashes of weapons, the screams of their enemies…
These movements with their enhanced effects, lend the female dancers the weightlessness, speed and strength characteristic of virtual bodies in video games.
The incorporation of all these simulacra – slow motion, rewind, timeshifts and unlimited resurrections – is not achieved without creating physical and mental tensions in dancing bodies, which are all-too-real and definitely mortal.

Creation 2007


  • Choreography  Mylène Benoit
  • Performers  Barbara Caillieu, Laure Myers, Magali Robert
  • Assistant  Annie Leuridan
  • Scenography  Xavier Boyaud
  • Light creation  Annie Leuridan
  • Sound creation, programing  Laurent Ostiz
  • Sensors, real time programing Cyrille Henry
  • Electronic development Interface-Z, Cyrille Henry
  • Construction  Alain Le Beon, Thomas Ramon, Frédérique Bertrand
  • Costumes  Carole Martinière
  • Light production Aurore Leduc
  • Stage manager Maël Teillant
  • Production  Cie Contour Progressif
  • Coproduction  [ars]numérica / Atelier d’Art 3000/Le Cube - Issy-les-Moulineaux / Le manège.mons/maison folie / Le manège.mons /CeCN / Le Vivat - Armentières /  ADAMI / Fondation Beaumarchais / Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (DICREAM) / Le manège.maubeuge / Didascalie.net
  • With the support of Centre National de la Danse, Danse à Lille, La Condition Publique pour le prêt de studio.
  • Award winer “Bains numériques # 1” / Centre des Arts d’Enghien.
  • Contour Progressif is supported by DRAC Nord-Pas de Calais (aide à la compagnie) and by Conseil Régional Nord-Pas de Calais (aide à la création).


Duration : 50mn