This creation is located where choreography and video intersect, bringing together three entangled topics for consideration : the body, its image and identity. The stage set-up is bi-frontal, relying on the principle of time-delay.
A dancer is filmed in real time and then after 30 seconds,  his contribution is projected on to a screen. It is then copied by other dancers. The choreography is based on a combination of two games : Cadavre Exquis* and Chinese Whispers.
It works by the principle of simultaneous accumulation and distortion through the copying of movement.
The body/image relationship is diverted, thwarted or corrupted : the body is filmed, but the reappearance of the image is deferred. As a result, what you see is not yourself but always someone else. So the mirror is false, it is a delayed-action mirror.

This performance won the prize VIA 2010 of the CeCN – Centre des écritures contemporaines et numériques – in Mons (Belgium)
This project won the prize “Bains numériques # 1” du Centre des Arts d’Enghien.

*Cadavre Exquis : a game in which a group of people contributes in turn to make up a drawing of elements of a body.  No member is aware of the others’ contribution.

Creation 2010


  • Conception and choreography Mylène Benoit + Olivier Normand
  • Performers Nina Santes, Beatriz Setien, Matthieu Bajolet, Denis Robert
  • Light design Aurore Leduc
  • Music creation Daniele Ghisi, Guillaume Hairaud
  • Vidéo Quentin Descourtis, Christian Thellier
  • Computer programming Julien Delmotte
  • Costumes Carole Martinière
  • Light production Aurore Leduc
  • Stage manager Maël Teillant
  • Production Valentine Lecomte / Cie Contour Progressif
  • Co-production Fondation Royaumont - Programmes Transforme et Voix Nouvelles / Le manège.mons/CeCN / CCN de Franche-Comté à Belfort / Studio Art Zoyd / Tanzhaus NRW à Düsseldorf / Filage - conseil et accompagnement de projets artistiques et culturels
  • Supported by Danse à Lille, Charleroi Danse
  • With a diffusion support from l'ARCADI
  • Award winer VIA 2010 (CeCN - Centre des écritures contemporaines et numériques - Mons).
  • Contour Progressif is supported by DRAC Nord-Pas de Calais (aide à la compagnie) and by Conseil Régional Nord-Pas de Calais (aide à la création).


Duration : 55 mn

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