A multidisciplinary piece for a dancer-singer and a visual artist.
For all from 7 years old.

« Since you are a lion, be one »
Diotime et les lions, 1991, Henry Bauchau

Diotime comes from a long family lineage, whose ancestors were lions. As she grows up, she dreams of taking part in the ritual war between lions and men which happens once a year and lasts for two days and one night. But this ancestral tradition excludes women from the fight. The support of his grandfather, the meeting with a young man and the battle with the lions will transform Diotime, modify her beliefs and found her power. The initiatory adventure of Diotime reveals the ties that unite us to our ancestors, and our relationship to freedom, the animal and the living. This work by Henry Bauchau offers a subversive look at the roles assigned to us in society.

Based on the novel, Diotime et les lions is also a participative, musical and visual performance : Céline Cartillier’s dances meet the music of Nicolas Devos and Pénélope Michel. The stage is organized like an open art workshop where narrative, projected images, light, dances of men and lions, singing and music intertwine. The audience is invited to take part of the piece trough the use of visual and sound accessories.

Creation 2018


  • Conception Mylène Benoit and Magda Kachouche
  • Based on the novel Diotime et les lions, by Henry Bauchau, published by Actes Sud
  • With Céline Cartillier or Lilou Robert, and Magda Kachouche or Mylène Benoit
  • Music Nicolas Devos & Pénélope Michel (Cercueil / Puce Moment)
  • Lyrics  Céline Cartillier, Magda Kachouche and Mylène Benoit
  • Costume Frederick Denis
  • Accessories Sarah d’Haeyer
  • Light design Antoine Crochemore, Mylène Benoit, Magda Kachouche
  • Stage manager Caroline Carliez, or Juliette Romens or Matthieu Ponchelle
  • Administration, production avec Sarah Calvez
  • Production, diffusion, communication Camille Martin-Sermolini
  • Production  Contour Progressif
  • Coproduction Le Gymnase CDCN Roubaix Hauts-de-France, Le Phare CCN du Havre Normandie, L’Échangeur CDCN Hauts-de-France, Centre Chorégraphique National - Ballet de Lorraine, Culture Commune Scène Nationale du Bassin Minier du Pas de Calais, Le Volcan Scène Nationale du Havre
  • With the support of Théâtre des 13 vents CDN Montpellier


Duration : 45 minutes + 15 mn Welcome Ritual

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