Site specific performance for 5 dancers and 1 musician – from NOTRE DANSE ingredients.

Dance, before being part of the Fine Arts, was a folk art, an art inscribed in the memory of the human communities. Dance celebrates the acts of everyday life – weddings, the arrival of spring, harvest, etc… It performs gestures that reenact important actions for the whole society : fishing, calling for rain, working. It accompanies and marks social practices because it is not only a mean to “communicate” or to share a moment : it inscribes this sharing in the body of each member.

Notre danse, site specific, is based on the desire to make and share a collective gesture, throughout “celebration dances” accompanied by improvised polyphonic songs ; and on the belief that these celebrations make it possible for something to happen. In museums, gardens, and streets, in the corridors and the halls of theaters, we unroll our dances, our songs, and Nicolas Devos and Pénélope Michel’s music.

Notre danse in situ - extraits from Mylène Benoit on Vimeo.

Creation 2015


  • Choreography Mylène Benoit
  • Artistic collaboration Magda Kachouche
  • Artistic collaboration and performers Julien Andujar, Maeva Cunci, Alexandre Da Silva, Célia Gondol, Nina Santes
  • Music Nicolas Devos et Pénélope Michel (Puce Moment / Cercueil)
  • Vocal coach Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias
  • Third eye Mathieu Bouvier


Duration : variable