Believing that the live performance experience remains one of the few vital places of engagement in the contemporary world, Mylène Benoit often shares her creative processes with targeted groups. Dance is indeed an artistic discipline that is able to engage audiences in a creative process, as the focus is on the human body and individual experience.

She hence created the participatory project Votre danse (your dance), mirroring Notre danse (our dance), based on the same issues : what dance would you take to a desert island ?

The choreographer and the artistic team invit amateurs to reflect on the power of dance when it is practiced as an essential gesture. Votre danse offers an environment which melts the borders between spectator and maker, by putting people at the centre. It defines a new shared space, where inclusion and participation are at the centre of the artistic investigation.

Open to all, dancers and non-dancers from 8 years old (up to 20 participants), Votre danse is a full performance with music and light creation, nourished of the dances, songs and history of each of its participants.

This project can also be reduced to shorter workshops of 3h to 20h.

Creation 2015


  • Conception, choreography Mylène Benoit, Alexandre Da Silva, Magda Kachouche
  • Music Nicolas Devos et Pénélope Michel (Puce Moment / Cercueil)
  • Production Contour Progressif
  • Administration, production AlterMachine / Noura Sairour & Carole Willemot
  • Diffusion Juliette Malot


Duration : 30 à 45 min