COLD SONG is a visual and physical performance relying on the process of phosphorescence and playing about with vision and apparition. In this piece, concealing is showing : the dancer hides and evolves under a phosphorescent spread looking like a coarse oil clothe. When the light goes of, the body disappears, and the clothe turns into pure light : we assist at the advent of an image. The dancer is mutating at every passing moment, crawling as a headless quadruped, walking like a king, erecting like a spectre, or returning to a formless mass of impossible description.

COLD SONG is a solo of pure becoming, it is an ongoing experiment made of stillnesses, humorous images and unamable forms that Romain Cappello presents us with : a becoming machinic and organic, human and objectal, subjective and indeterminate, man and woman, animal and sculptural, lit and light, where the body constantly reinvents itself. This ongoing performance is site specific and adapts to stages, museums and galleries.

Creation 2013


  • Conception  Mylène Benoit
  • Interprétation  Romain Cappello
  • Création lumière  Annie Leuridan
  • Costume  Léa Drouault
  • Production  Fanny Lacour / Cie Contour Progressif
  • Coproduction  Le Vivat, scène conventionnée d'Armentières / Le Phénix, Scène Nationale de Valenciennes / le CRRAV / Le manège.mons/CeCN
  • Contour Progressif est soutenue par la DRAC Nord-Pas de Calais au titre de l'aide à la compagnie et par le Conseil Régional Nord-Pas de Calais au titre de l'aide à la création.


Duration : Variable : 20 à 30 mn