A documentary theatre experience with dance & puppets from the archive of the Maribor Puppet Theatre and the participation of young and elderly people from Maribor, Slovenia. Julika Mayer (Puppeteer based in Germany) and Mylène Benoit are offering to 9 amateurs off all ages to share a participatory project mixing puppetry, dancing and singingThis project is based on Georges,  created by Mylène Benoit and Julika Mayer for the Sujets à Vif / Festival d’Avignon 2018.

The project, led in october 2019, is financed by the Franco-German Cultural Fund and is organised in cooperation with the French Institute in Slovenia and the Goethe-Institut Ljubljana. The assisted-living facility Dom Danice Vogrinec and Tone Čufar Primary School (both from Maribor) participate in the project.

Creation 2019


  • Conception Mylène Benoit and Julika Mayer
  • After the show Georges - Sujets à Vifs / Avignon 2018
  • Interpretation : Performed by elderly from the retirement home Danica Vogrinec: Štefka Golob, Katica Štefanovski, Bojan Weitzer and children from Tone Čufar Primary School: Lana Beber, Alina Krnič, Jaša Podhostnik, Jakob Vršič Riedl, Lia Smodej and Vanja Vučić
  • Project assistants Tanja Lužar and Ajda Sitar
  • Administration, production Emilie Drapeau
  • Diffusion, communication Camille Martin-Sermolini
  • Production  Contour Progressif
  • In cooperation with the Institut Français, the Goethe-Institut, the Fonds culturel franco-allemand, and the Puppet Theatre Maribor