A performance created for the Festival Concordan(s)e 


A body. And the poetry within. And inversely. And inversely inside out. And inversely outside in. And what is it like, a body? What does it mean, having a body? And how does it act, a body? Bones and meat and the powers that be, how?
And the poetry within? What is poetry? Poetry in what circumstances, and under what conditions? 
And dancing in all that? And how can one speak the movements of the world in the joints of the body? And what can the world do in the body? A party without dancing can’t exist, right? So under what conditions can dancing emerge? And what is dancing if not the liberation of gestures?  
(excerpt from Coalition, text by Frank Smith)
What is a dance and writing combination? What is a material combination of body and words? In Coalition, Mylène Benoit and Frank Smith cross their practices and their concerns. This choreographic, textual and musical essay raises series of questions in order to reconcile the body of the dance and the body of writing.

Creation 2017


  • With Mylène Benoit (choreographer) and Frank Smith (writer)
  • Sound editing Gilles Mardirossian
  • Outside view Magda Kachouche
  • Thanks to the readers Véronique Cantéro, Jacqueline Charrier, François Clément, Dominique Denechaud, Marc Divry, Nicole Fernandez, Daniel Jalu, Marie-Christine Journoux, Marie-Anne Thibault, Lydie Villemaux, Sabine Macher, Polina Akhmetzyanova, Ulysse Goerger-Benoit
  • Administration, production Sarah Calvez
  • Production, diffusion, communication Camille Martin-Sermolini
  • Coproduction : Festival Concordanse & Le phare, Centre Chorégraphique National du Havre Normandie
  • Support : Le Vivat, scène conventionnée danse d’Armentières ; L’échangeur, Centre de développement chorégraphique national - Hauts de France


Duration : 30 min