L’AVEUGLEMENT – Installation

L’Aveuglement – installation changes voices into light. Audiences are invited to play with brightness, frequencies, height, amplitude of their songs to experience in live this light and sound installation.

L’AVEUGLEMENT – Installation
Creation 2017


  • Conception Mylène Benoit
  • Creative team Mylène Benoit, Magda Kachouche, Juliette Romens et Antoine Villeret
  • Computer programming Antoine Villeret
  • Vocal and choral coach Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias
  • Production Contour Progressif
  • Coproduction L’échangeur / CDCN - Hauts-de-France
    With the support of DICREAM
  • Administration, production AlterMachine / Noura Sairour & Carole Willemot
  • Diffusion Juliette Malot
  • Contour Progressif is supported by Drac Nord-Pas de Calais and Conseil Régional des Hauts de-France in the activity program.

Downloads available