Tuesday, 29th january – 21h30 – Vivat theater, Armentières (59), France – in Vivat la danse !

In this three bill evening Mylène Benoit is working with hybrids, clashing dance and visual arts : three short studies associate freely dance, music, old and new technologies, acrobatics and illusion.

WONDER tries and makes visible the projection of the performer into potential bodies. Fantasy and memory play an active role in the choreography. This solo form is based on several dancing experiences that could be seen as several “visits” into foreign bodies: Dominique Mercy (dancer for Tanztheater Wuppertal), Shelley Duval (the leading actress in Shining by Kubrick), Tippi Hedren (the leading actress in The Birds by Hitchcock). These figures become medium of new reveries and vectors of movement.

At the crossing between dance and visual arts, LE RENARD NE S’APPRIVOISE PAS (You can’t tame a fox) is questioning the core of performing, exhibiting, exposing oneself. Is sight a weapon ? Can it be reversed ? Nina Santes uses tricks to cheat our vision : if she closes her eyes or if she is blind, can she make us disappear ? Using simulation, phosphorescence, songs and magical feats, Nina plays about with our perception.

On this special evening, COLD SONG, the third solo of this laboratory, created with Romain Cappello, will be presented for the first time.